Transforming the lives of people with chronic conditions from consultation to prescription delivery in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi

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Alma Health is a digital health platform that simplifies the lives of people with chronic conditions and those who care for them by harnessing the power of technology. In an increasingly digital world, Alma Health has created the first digitally native healthcare experience from doctor consultation, to delivery of medication, to ongoing care.
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Doctor consultations from the comfort of your home

We understand that time is your most valuable asset, so we provide you with virtual access to our licensed healthcare professionals. When it’s time for renewal, you can forget the hassle of visiting your doctor’s office and instead opt for an appointment with our general practitioners via our mobile application. If they are able to renew your prescription, it will be done instantly from the comfort of your home, between meetings, while you’re on the go, or anywhere else that’s easy for you. Your convenience is our priority.
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Easy, fast and safe prescription fulfillment and delivery

We do all the hard work to fulfill your prescription, bill your insurance provider, prepare your various medications, and deliver them straight to your door within 24 hours. We will also remind you when your prescription is due for a renewal. Our goal is to limit the time you spend managing your condition to an absolute minimum.
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Reliable hassle free chronic healthcare

Creating a world where chronic conditions no longer complicate the lives of those they affect.
Trust the experts

Our licensed healthcare professionals are specialized in chronic condition care and are available at the click of a button.

Hassle-free health

Through one intuitive and easy to use app, you can fully manage your healthcare needs.

Your time is precious

No more time wasted at doctors’ offices or waiting in line at pharmacies.

Payments, on your own terms

Our extensive network allows us to work directly with your health insurer for direct and seamless billing.

We remember you

Our platform is personalized and keeps track of your history along with your previous prescriptions.

You’re safe with us

Alma Health is fully licensed and regulated by the relevant authorities in the different countries where it offers its services.

Meet Our Leadership Team 

Over 60+ years of combined experience with leading global brands. Our team is dedicated to simplifying the lives of people with chronic conditions.

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