Meet The Leadership Team

Khaldoon Bushnaq - Alma Health Co-founder

Khaldoon Bushnaq

As the co-founder and CEO of Alma Health, Khaldoon views his role as that of the motivator. He uses his determined, structured, and transparent approach, which was shaped by his time at regional superbrand Careem, to guide his team to accomplish their joint goal of simplifying the lives of people with chronic conditions. Khaldoon has a passion for healthcare outside of his work as well and proudly fundraises to support cancer research in Canada through annual cycling trips.

Tareq Seksek - Alma Health Co-founder

Tariq Seksek

As a co-founder of Alma Health, I am inspired by our vision and mission every day. While I have held numerous rewarding positions in the past at lauded companies like Dubizzle, my role at Alma Health is the most rewarding by far as I know we are building something that is going to transform lives. We are helping people regain control of their lives, and this brings me unrivaled satisfaction. As a leader in the organization, I believe in giving people the space to grow, learn, and even make mistakes. I provide support and guidance, but leave room for people to experiment. Like the saying goes, there’s no point in hiring smart people and then telling them what to do.

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