How to Prevent Eye Disease with Diabetes

How to Prevent Eye Disease with Diabetes - Alma Health

If you have diabetes, high blood sugars can cause damage in the blood vessels of your eyes.

As a result, this may lead to diabetic retinopathy (problems in the retina), cataracts (cloudy eye lens), and glaucoma (pressure in the eye).

How you can prevent or delay eye disease:

Follow these steps to prevent eye complications:

  • Get a dilated eye exam at least once a year: an ophthalmologist can check for and treat any signs of disease early to prevent complications.
  • Ensure that your blood sugars are in target range most of the time: Avoid highs and lows as much as possible to protect your eyes.
  • Keep blood pressure in check.
  • Make sure your cholesterol is well managed.

Doing these things helps lower your risk of eye disease and vision loss.

If you have any other questions about how to prevent eye complications, share in the comments section below or send us a direct message

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