How to Prevent Kidney Disease with Diabetes

How to Prevent Kidney Disease with Diabetes - Alma Health

If you have diabetes, high blood sugars can damage the blood vessels in your kidneys.

As a result, this damage can break down the filtering system, which gets rid of waste and extra fluid and lead to kidney disease or diabetic nephropathy.

How to prevent or delay the progression of kidney disease:

  • Make sure your blood sugars and A1C are in target range. A1C should be done at least twice a year (every 6 months), but ideally, 4 times a year (every 3 months).  
  • Keep your blood pressure in healthy range.
  • Get regularly screened for kidney disease:
    • Type 1 diabetes: you will be tested 5 years after diagnosis, during puberty, and when your blood sugars are not well managed.
    • Type 2 diabetes: you will be screened at diagnosis and every year after that.
  • You may need to go on a low protein diet to prevent more damage to your kidneys.
  • Stay healthy and active, and stay away from smoking.
  • Watch your daily sodium intake.

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