Learn how to Quit Smoking for Free

Learn how to Quit Smoking for Free - Alma Health

A chronic condition patient’s guide towards a healthier life

Smokers with chronic conditions have a higher risk of serious health problems.

For example, if you have diabetes and smoke, your risk for future heart complications is the same as someone who has already had one cardiac event.

Therefore, it is especially important for a person with a chronic illness to stop smoking.

At Alma Health, we create a FREE individualized program that will help you succeed!

Our clinical experts are trained in the US and provide caring nonjudgmental advice:

  1. We help create a plan that works just for you by listening to your concerns

2. We help you choose which smoking cessation medications, if any, are right for you. Being clinical pharmacists, we are also trained to explain the different medications available, alternative therapies, and any interactions these new medications may have with the medications you are currently taking

3. We understand QUITTING IS HARD! We are equipped with the necessary tools to help you get back on track whenever you have a relapse, craving, or mood changes related to smoking

4. Last but not least, joining our program will not only help you quit smoking, but will also help you remain smoke-free for a longer time!

I’m READY to QUIT! Sign up today for FREE Help from our caring clinical experts!

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